Manufacturer of cutter pens and cutter plates

Hamgam Darmian Novin Iranian

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Cutter pen

Electrosurgical disposable pen

  • Infallible
  • Steel blade
  • Quality repeatability
  • Ergonomic design
  • Liquid penetration resistant
  • >

Cutter plate

Disposable electrosurgical plate

  • new technology
  • leak prevention Liquids
  • Create a uniform flow
  • Using polypropylene
  • reduce the risk of skin burns

Hamgam Darman Novin Iranian

Danesh Bonyan Hamgam Darman Novin Iranian Company, with the aim of producing knowledge-based products in the field of medical equipment production, started its activities in this field in 1398, and in this way, using knowledge experts, designed, manufactured and produced knowledge-based products. By estimating the real needs of the country and preventing the outflow of currency from the country.

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